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In this 21st century, the national and cultural boundaries have been disappeared and people of different nationality and culture communicate as one global community.

Languages have became an indispensable tool for communication and this resulted in increased demand of learning Korean language.

This means that the desire of learning Korean culture, education and skills through Korean language learning is surging which would in turn expand life opportunities for all learners.

Hansei University’ Korean Language Institute (hereinafter referred to as HSKLI) is a professional institution for Korean language training which is facilitated with on-trend educational system as well as Korean language experts.

The language learning curriculum at HSKLI has proven to be effective in the past years thanks to Korean professional tutors whose major is Korean education, and small-sized classes.

Moreover, various teaching methods and cultural programs at HSKLI allow students to not only acquire Korean language but also fully experience the vibrant Korean culture.

For international students who wish to learn Korean language and experience Korean culture hence create more life opportunities, we are certain that Hansei University Korean language institute will provide you with great platform for challenges and opportunities.

Director of Hansei University Korean Language Institute