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Visa information and Extension

Guarantor & Personal Reference

  • Guarantor can be any Korean who have a job and live in Korea.
  • Personal reference must be submitted after notarized by any South Korea Law firm or notary office by the
    applicant’s guarantor.
  • 01. Visa Extension
※ For D-4 Visa extension, applicants need to submit the following documents to Korean Immigration Office or visit Korean
       Language Institute by oneself.
  • 02. Restrictions on extension of stay

• Foreigner who wants to pay the tuition fee and living expenses by working in Korea.
• Foreigner who are keen to working than studying.
• Foreigner who wants to receive Korean language training at lifelong education facilities or private

  • 03. Restrictions on extension of stay

• Application Form
• Receipt of Tuition Payment
• Certificate of Enrollment
• Financial Certification
• Proof of Residence Documents
• Original Alien Registration Certification
• Application Fee

※ Submitted documents will not be returned. For more information, check the announcement or admission guide for the
       year concerned.