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Regular Course

Regular Course

  • The regular program is designed for international students who want to experience Korean culture and language, acquire Korean language certification, hence enter Hansei University.
  • 01. Qualification

The regular Korean training program at HSKLI is only intended for students with a high school diploma or higher.

※ But, depending on the type of the course, limitations can be set on academic background, career, etc
  • 02. Academic Calendar

10weeks (one Quarter) / Mon, Tue, Wen, Thur, Fri / 4 hours per day / 200hours(class time : 9:00 – 13:00)

※ For more information about the schedule, check the announcements for specific year
Quarter Class Period
(Begins and Ends)
Placement Test
/Class Orientation
Document Application and Registration Deadline
Domestic Alien Foreign Alien
Spring March~May Early March End of February End of December
Summer June~August Early June End of May End of March
Fall September~November Early September End of August End of June
Winter December~Next year February Early December End of November End of September
※ For more information about the schedule, check the announcements for specific year
  • The course application period is dependent on case of students who have entered Korea with qualification(with Visa) or those who are to apply D-4 Visa from overseas(without Visa).
  • - With Visa: Application must be submitted at least 1 week before the Quarter starts.
    - Without Visa: Application must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the Quarter starts.

  • 03. Course Description

- Students newly applying for HSKLI's Regular Korean Program must take the placement test.
- According to the test results, students will be divided into different classes: Beginner
  (2 stages), Intermediate (2 stages), and Advanced (2 stages) classes.
- Students who have not studied Korean before will automatically be placed at the Beginner level course
  without test. However, changes may occur within one week after the Quarter starts.
- Each regular program lasts for 10 weeks(5 days a week (Mon~Fri), 4 hours per class) consisting of the Korean
  language training as well as various culture-related activities.
- For each class, the first 3 hours of 4 hours will be spent on integrated leaning using the main textbook with
  the instructor(listening, speaking, reading, and writing). The rest of 1 hour will be used for reading via
  contents from the main textbook or various reading topics, Korean songs, TV programs, Korean movies and
  other methods to help students understand more about Korean culture.

※ Students who applied for this program can register to stay in the school dormitory.
  • 04. Curriculum

A. Beginners Course
• Korean alphabets, vowels, consonants and phonetic rules
• Basic daily expressions such as self introduction, greeting, finding directions, buying products, ordering
    food, and talking on the phone.
• Use of basic Korean sentence structure for daily routine.

B. Intermediate Course
• Self-expressions related to daily activities such as family, trips, hobbies, and sports.
• Situational Expressions in daily life such as restaurants, post office, subways or bank.
• Writing basic sentences such as writing down while listening to simple announcements and filling
    document forms.

C. Advanced Course
• Comprehending simple articles about some events, accidents, cultures, and customs.
• Understanding daily TV broadcastings and how to freely engage in discussions about TV dramas or social
• Learn how to distinguish between formal and informal situations, and verbal and written English so as to
    use appropriate vocabulary for Korean courtesy and linguistic paradigm.

  • 05. Training Fee
10 weeks(1 Quarter) / Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri / 4hours per day / 200hours in total
Registration Tuition Cultural Program Teaching Materials (Individual Purchase) Dormitory
※ Textbook and Insurance costs have to be paid separately. ※ These costs are subject to change. Students must check through the announcements or contact the staff of HSKLI in
  • 06. Payment method

A. Student must pay under the name used for the application.
B. For payments from overseas, the amount follows the exchange rate of the day of payment.
C. After making payment, please call or fax us for confirmation.
    TEL : +82-31-450-5216,5140   /   FAX : +82-31-450-5014
    E-mail : iec.hansei@gmail.com
D. Accounts for Payment
Korean Language Institute Tuition : Industrial Bank of Korea [기업은행] 471-010400-04-333
    (Account Holder : Hansei University [학교법인 한세대학교])
Dormitory : Industrial Bank of Korea [기업은행] 471-010400-04-372
    (Account Holder : Hansei University [학교법인 한세대학교])
Swift Code of Account Bank : IBKOKRSE
Account Bank Address : 79, Ulchiro, Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea 100-758

  • 07. Class

15 people per class approximately.

※ If the number of students is less than 7, the class may be canceled.
  • 08. Class Arrangement Process and Course Completion

A. Students who applied for the regular program will be placed in appropriate levels based on the results of
    their written and oral exams.
B. Students who registered for the regular program are required to attend more than 80% of the classes. Upon
    completing all required hours, students can receive the completion certificate from HSKLI.
    (If applicants fail to meet the requirement, their Visa extension can be restricted.)
C. Students who have completed the regular course will receive grades from exam provided by HSKLI.
D. The final grades will be calculated based on the attendance rate, class participation, quiz scores, and test
E. Students with insufficient attendance or grades will not be able to proceed to the next level. They must re-
    take the same course until their grades meet the requirements(However, students who pass the level test
    during winter or summer break can proceed to the next level).
    Students who have failed to proceed to the upper level for up to three times are no longer eligible for course
F. Those students who receive grades higher than 3rd grade for TOPIK through taking courses at HSKLI will
    gain qualification to apply for undergraduate or graduate program at Hansei University.

  • 09. Apply Procedures
※ Chinese students must apply for at least two Quarters of the Korean language program. After confirming payment, the
       university will have the student's Visa issuance application submitted to the immigration office in Korea. As soon as the 6
       month D-4 Visa is issued, our staff will inform students with the Visa number for Visa application at his/her embassy or
       consulate before entering Korea.
  • 10. Please send to

• 15852, Room 703, Graduate Building, Korean Language Institute, Hansei University
     30, Hansei-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
     TEL : +82-31-450-5216,5140   /   FAX : +82-31-450-5014
     E-mail : iec.hansei@gmail.com
Method of Submission : By mail, or directly visiting Hansei University.

  • 11. Documents Required

• Application Form
• Copy of Passport
• Copy of Identification Card (Front & Back side)
• Certificate of family relation(For chinese students, chinese local consular certificate is needed) or original
     household register
• Bank statement with the student's name(For submission of Bank statement with the parent’s name, a copy
     of family relation certificate is needed)
• Certificate of Enrollment or Graduation
• Transcript
• Certificate of personal reference
• Two photos (3.5cm X 4.5cm, Color photo of face, front view, on white background taken within the past six
• Application Fee
• Payment Proof Form of Tuition Fee and Dormitory Fee

※ Submitted documents will not be returned. For more information, check the announcement or contact the manager at
  • 12. Refund Policy

① Due to Visa refusal
② Under personal or inevitable situation after obtaining Visa, students can receive refund depending on the application guide and announcement for that year.

※ Students can only receive refund if they submit all compulsory documents within the deadline. ※ For more information, check the announcement or admission guide for the year concerned.
  • 13. Reference

    Countries set by the Ministry of Justice (21 countries)

  • China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru

    Academic Certificate

  • All applicants who are from the 21 countries set by the Ministry of Justice or who acquired academic ability/degree in those countries, shall submit one academic certificate among the list below
    • ① Academic certificate legalized by Apostille
    • ② Academic certificate authorized by Korean Consul in one’s own country
    • ③ Academic certificate issued by the Ministry of Education China or certified centers
          (www.cdgdc.or.kr, www.chsi.com.cn )
          (Only for applicants who have received academic degrees in China)
  • ※ Applicants with academic degrees from universities in Korea are allowed to submit non-authorized academic
    ※ The documents requirement can be adjusted if considered to be necessary for admission process.